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Ireland has hundreds of miles of disused Rail-Routes...

Many of these could be economically reopened to provide new Transport Links and opportunities for Business!

Meanwhile, Irish AND EU taxpayers have had to fork out BILLIONS of Euro for costly 'prestige' road projects of dubious economic or Environmental value, which per mile cost AT LEAST TEN TIMES the cost of a Rail Route with the same passenger or Freight capacity...

ALVIN, the Proposed Cork Metropolitan Light Rail Network
Transport Consultancy
Specialising in Rail- and Cycle-based Transport solutions
for the 21st Century!

LASER, The Proposed Limerick/Ennis Shannon Airport Light Rail Network.

An Ultralight Railcar, powered either by electricity or diesel, which could operate many urban Light Rail Links!

Ireland's Future National Rail Network following the Rail Way Ahead Model.

(coming soon)

Pictures and info on Cork's Future
Light Rail Network:
A Selection of Images!